Version 0.7.2 alpha

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Version 0.7.2 alpha

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:54 am

Version 0.7.2 is now here! Its been around two weeks since I posted an update. During those two weeks I've added quite a significant number of things to the game. This is a summary of changes:

new cards:
-cards from the booster set BT02 and BT03 have been added to the game's database upping the card count to 328. You can now run clans like Pale Moon properly now.

-selections of more than 6 cards are now made scrollable. just click on those little arrows and the game will show you the next page of cards
-you can cardfight two NPCs Kamui and Misaki which is selected at random. Both uses a generation 1 NV and OTT half deck respectively
-all tables created is now automatically named by the game
-when players log their default deck will be the last one they used
-players can spectate a cardfight but they need to join the table before it has started
-its now possible to view a npc vs npc battle. its so-o fun to watch :3

card engine:
-various updates that make additions of certain cards possible
-soulcharged cards get its effect
-superior called card is placed in stand position
-card stats are now rendered when necessary as opposed to rendering itself at all times even when it is not used. this change significant reduces game lag. careful when using a spawn() proc XD

card fixes:
-various card fixes

-tremendously improved the AI. its playing style is an all out attacker. and given that it places no regards to card effects im surprised it have won a fair number of cardfights. that or I'm bad at this game XD. This gives me (as well as validate) the impression that CFV is a very balanced game where players playing all vanillas have an equal chance of winning as the players who puts much emphasis on skills 'nuff said.


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